McFarland vs. Spencer?

Manhattan Republicans, for the obvious reasons of culture and ideology, aren’t thrilled with John Spencer’s guerilla candidacy against Hillary Clinton.

Which may be one of the reasons that some think a pro-choice former Reagan Administration defense official from the Upper East Side would be, at least, easier to stomach against Clinton than the current presumptive Republican nominee.

The Times-Union reported Sunday that KT McFarland — a deputy assistant secretary of defense for public affairs in the Reagan Administration (and at left in the picture)– has been putting out feelers about the race. She’s also already raised several hundred thousand dollars — it was assumed for a run against Carolyn Maloney — in federal campaign money.

The Politicker is told that she’s being advised by old-time GOP guru Ed Rollins. It’s hard to see exactly how she pulls it off at this point, but another advisor to McFarland, Manhattan GOP consultant William O’Reilly, had this to say:

“The question will be: Is there room in this Senate race for someone with KT McFarland’s credentials? I think that answer has to be ‘yes’. Considering the times we live in, KT’s resume leaps from the stack.”

McFarland vs. Spencer?