Meltdown Occurs While Determining Font

Kara chinapattern.jpg

KARA: I’m having a mid-wedding-planning meltdown. I’m staring glassy-eyed at my Save the Date card PDF and only take short breaks to check in on my china pattern. I feel a combination of anticipation and self-loathing. Maybe it’s because I just finished talking to my best friend who’s also in crisis mode, but she’s launching a website and I’m determining my font. I needed to discuss with her the difference between celadon and sage green; Verdana vs. Garamond.

When we stopped chatting, I wanted to cry because I used to be exceptionally driven too. And I still am, it’s just a different kind of driven. It’s the A-line, Empire waist, Waterford Wedgewood kind.

I’m torn. Before I got engaged did I know the difference between sage and celadon? Do I know the difference now? Of course I want a fabulous wedding. But I also want all news bulletins about me to include career triumphs; goals accomplished; books published! So if I spend a few months watching like it had a plot, is there no turning back? Meltdown Occurs While Determining Font