Mike Nixes ’08

Shattering the dreams of Kevin Sheekey, various political consultants, and his national fan club, Mike was something approaching Shermanesque when asked about today’s Observer story on Bloomberg ’08.

Here’s a transcript from today’s Q & A:

Reporter: Mayor I don’t know if you got a chance or not to read the article, but there is some talk today from your political advisor- chief political advisor Kevin Sheekey of the possibility of you running for President.

Reporter: Happy Birthday…

Mayor: Thank you very much. To say that I didn’t read the article would be not only disingenuous, I don’t think I’d convince anybodys. Of course I read the article. Look, I’ve said before – and let me repeat it again as clearly as I can – I was elected by the public to be the Mayor of this city for the next four years. I intend to continue doing that for four years. It’s the greatest job in the world. It’s one that I think I can contribute something to the city that I love and the city that my family lives in and will continue to live in, and when I get done with this in four years I have said that my next career will be in philanthropy. That has not changed. It’s very flattering that somebody would write an article about that, but the truth of the matter is, I’m going to be Mayor and stay Mayor.

Reporter: Do you think there’s room for them to convince you of….

Mayor: (Laughing) Which letter in the word “no” do you not understand? Mike Nixes ’08