More Coffee, Please

17th and Broadway.

In what looks like a concerted effort to lay waste to the intestinal lining of Observer staffers, another cafe is opening up on Union Square at the corner of 17th Street and Broadway. This time it’s not a Starbucks (although it is across the street from one of three Starbucks–if you count the cafe at Barnes & Noble–that sit on the park). It’s called Tisserie, and in addition to coffee, it’ll have artisanal bread and other munchies.

Now, how many cafes ring the park? There’s the aforementioned Starbuckses, an Au Bon Pain, a Whole Foods, Le Pain Quotidien on 19th Street, and let’s not forget Joe on 13th off University (the best Americano). Anybody know of any more? And isn’t this an indication that the park just doesn’t need another restuarant in the old pavilion? Or our we too obsessed about private biz in the public park?

-Matthew Grace More Coffee, Please