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We are a little obsessed with Mayor Koch’s film reviews, which we get via email as he writes them. But someone should tell him Heath Ledger is straight. On Casanova, he writes: “In this film, he is in command of his libido and sexual activities and constantly beds the opposite sex.”

Oh, and: “I feel like crawling into the fetal position when I give a film a negative review…” And, ever the film critic: “Stay home and read a good book.” We also love it when he quotes other film reviews. It’s like saying, “I’m late on this, so sue me! How’m I doin’?”

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation just wants New York University to go away. NYU, basically, says “No!”

Damn, people can’t even safely buy their fake Louis Vuitton bags anymore. Connecticut shoppers have to go through secret passageways, but at least they get their day of excitement. More From [em]The Villager[/em]