My Pregnant Bridesmaid: If Only I Chose an Empire Silhouette

KARA: The other day I heard through the grapevine that one of my bridesmaids—one of only two—might be pregnant. And a little bit pregnant now means very pregnant at my September wedding. I’m not talking Katie Holmes pregnant. I’m talking Demi Moore/Catherine Zeta Jones pregnant.

Since I never fantasized about a bunch of friends fighting over my bustle, I asked my fiancé’s two sisters, Joy (possibly pregnant) and Diane, to be my bridesmaids. They’re both intelligent, buoyant and incredibly kind. Perfect bridesmaids – in almost every respect.

Last week, Diane and I were discussing dress-fitting appointments over the phone when Diane said innocently: “And I bet they can just let Joy’s dress out depending on how pregnant she is.”

“Oh yeah, shouldn’t be a problem!” I replied perkily. But I didn’t feel so sanguine. To start with, I chose a ball gown bridesmaid dress, but the high-waisted empire dress would be a far more appropriate silhouette given the situation. And on top of that, I’m very aware that the excitement of my wedding day could bring on contractions.

I’m not a heartless person. When I look at Joy – an amazing, dynamic mom with one son already – chasing her toddler around the house, I feel awestruck. I want the best for my future sister-in-law. She deserves a lifetime filled with Baby Bjorns and much, much more.

– Kara Baskin

My Pregnant Bridesmaid: If Only I Chose an Empire Silhouette