Onward & Upward

The Empire State Development Corporation is going to appeal the conflict-of-interest decision by Judge Edmead, according to Daniel Goldstein, spokesman for Develop—Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, the neighborhood group that won that part of the Atlantic Yards case heard Tuesday. Goldstein said the group’s lawyer received a call from the state agency’s lawyer this morning, alerting him to the effort to pursue an expedited appeal.

An E.S.D.C. spokeswoman was not able to confirm the move or comment immediately, but Goldstein said he thought the agency was just inviting bad publicity. “Why are they going to the mat to defend this guy?” he told us. “This guy” being David Paget, who represented developer Forest City Ratner and then, on Ratner’s request, was hired by E.S.D.C. to advise on the environmental review process.

Whoa! That was quick. DDDB just sent out a press release. We imagine it will go up on its Web site soon..

Matthew Schuerman Onward & Upward