Press Release

New York Press‘s management, who must be feeling just a bit of heat today (CNN just emailed me to try to reach the paper’s editor, if that’s any indication), just put out this statement from general manager Peter Polimino:

“New York Press takes our responsibility to our community as a ‘Free Press’ very seriously. We came to the same conclusion as many other responsible newspapers and media outlets that have chosen to not run the Danish cartoons. We felt the images were not critical for the editorial content to have merit, would not hinder our readers from making an informed opinion and only served to further fan the flame of a volatile situation.”

Good to know that the business side feels the need to decide what’s appropriate editorial content. But it’s a bit hard to believe that this was simply a decision of an editorial close call, or that the Press would have fanned the global conflagration. The statement seems implicitly to deny that the Press pulled the cartoons because its management felt physically threatened (which might not be unreasonable). Someone should ask owner David Unger if that’s right. Press Release