Quick! Buy the Andy Warhol Estate!

Joey Dallesandro, Andy Warhol, Paul Morrissey.

Today’s New York Post brings us tales of bidding wars over Hamptons rentals for the coming summer.

YOU know what they say about the early bird? His $50,000 is going to rent him a better Hamptons summer house than yours is. “What you’re seeing [now] for $50,000 is better than what you see in April,” says broker Angela Boyer-Stump of Hampton County Real Estate.

[…] “I am currently in a bidding war over a $100,000 summer rental. I’ve never seen anything like it,” says Boyer-Stump.

But we have. Here’s Ms. Boyer-Stump, speaking to The New York Post in its February 26, 2005 issue:

“A lot of the good houses are gone, especially if somebody wants a tennis court,” agrees Angela Boyer-Stump of Hamp-ton Country Real Estate in Bridgehampton. “Everybody is renting early, so it’s more competitive than in previous years.”

The Hamptons just never let up!

The Warhol compound.

Of course, you could just buy and avoid the annual February panic, real or manufactured, that renting in the Hamptons has purportedly become.

Braden Keil reports in his Gimme Shelter column that Eothen, Andy Warhol’s estate on the East End, is on the market.

Well, it’s still on the market–for sale by the same owner, Warhol film partner Paul Morrissey, for the same price, $50 million, they’ve been trying to sell it for for years now. But the listing has changed hands, and now it’s being sold by our favorite Hamptons old-timer, Tina Fredericks, who sold Mr. Warhol the place 30 years ago. That’s a tough break for Linda Stein of Prudential Douglas Elliman. Except it was unlikely to move at that price anyway, so maybe it’s not such a big deal.

– Tom McGeveran

Quick! Buy the Andy Warhol Estate!