R. Kelly on the Mic

By popular demand, a final installment from the Busta Rhymes section of yesterday’s Bloomberg-Kelly press conference. Here’s Kelly’s monologue, in which he displays surprising ease in using the word like “remix” and “cameo.”

” I can tell you what we know about that shooting. There was a filming, as you know, in- going on in Greenpoint in an industrial complex on the ninth floor. Busta Rhymes was a- in one of his songs, ‘Touch It,’ it was a remix of his song, various hip hop stars were going to make cameo appearances in that film. Apparently a dispute broke out and a dispute moved to the street. Around 12:30 in the evening there was some pushing and shoving going on. We believe that Busta Rhymes was there with his bodyguard, Mr. Ramirez. The shoving, as I say, took place. An individual took out a gun, fired at least eight shots, and Mr. Ramirez was struck, and he expired. We’re in a process of questioning people who were there. We did hold onto- as the police arrived they held, I believe, over 20 people there, spoke to them, got information. The information- the investigation obviously is going forward aggressively. We believed that Busta Rhymes may have been on the street when the shooting took place. Don’t know if he was a target.”

Maybe someone can get a recording of this and put a beat behind it. R. Kelly on the Mic