Randi and God

Backers of education tax credits are ratcheting up the pressure on Teachers Union president Randi Weingarten with the introduction of an unhappy Bishop.

His Eminence Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn and Queens, who is big on immigrant and labor issues, apparently tried to set up a meeting with Randi last September, and hasn’t heard back.

Says tax credit organizer Michael Tobman: “Tax Credits are a reasonable effort designed to help lower through middle income families. What’s not reasonable is the UFTs refusal to speak on this issue with the representative of nearly two million New Yorkers, mostly immigrants, from Brooklyn and Queens.”

But wait! Weingarten’s aides say she’d “love to” meet with His Eminence, and they produced a letter dated March of last year suggesting that they chat about ways to help non-public schools.

So maybe it’s just a missed connection. They can work it out on Craigslist.

Randi and God