Randi’s Third Way

In place of IMterviews from now on, The Politicker will be putting up Friday late-afternoon items of special interest to observant Jews. Just to make people’s lives complicated.

OK, not in general, but just today: Apparently Teachers Union chief Randi Weingarten has met with officials of Agudath Israel, the Orthodox group, as she shapes a response to a tax credit plan which, for some in her camp, looks a little too much like vouchers. There’s some suggestion that she’s looking for the non-public schools support on the state-financing lawsuit known as CFE in exchange for her support for the tax credits. Couldn’t immediately reach Randi for comment.

Good Shabbos! Will try to get back on the interviews next week. Just a busy day.

UPDATE: UFT spokesman Stu Marques (my old boss!) says it was an open discussion, but there were “no commitments, no quid pro quos.” Randi’s Third Way