Randy’s Taxi Service

According to January’s filing, Randy Daniels has spent 93% of his cash on hand since July. The GOP gubernatorial hopeful spent 144% of contributions raised in the same period, 95% of which went to fundraising/consulting fees. This leaves him with $24,755.44.

Most of the money went to what looks like a pretty unsuccessful fundraising push, but the campaign doesn’t seem to have been pinching pennies on other fronts, with the campaign spending $10,467.26 on car services and $9,396.94 on airfare.

Asked about the campaign’s expenditures, Daniels campaign manager Rob Ryan said, “When you’re running for governor in a state like New York you have to lay the groundwork and that takes a lot of money.” He also noted that they’ve paid their bills on time.

Daniels’ spending during this period is on par with Bill Weld–who spent $253,545.56 (about 14% of what he raised) and currently has $1,837,630.95 in the bank–yet leaves him with the same amount as Pat Manning.

Eliot Spitzer’s spending in the same period was $1,919,377.58 (about 23% of what he raised), a chunk of the $19,080,213.17 in his coffers.

Later, when asked about Daniels’ use of car services, Ryan had no comment but to say, “He takes the subway almost everyday.”

—Nicole Brydson Randy’s Taxi Service