Redesigned Site

Here’s the newly redesigned Real Estate.

We think it’s pretty. And for the first time on The Real Estate, you can tell us what you think, too.

One of the new features is a comments section. We haven’t formed a policy about it yet–we’ll see what you guys make of it first. But our brother site, The Politicker, has dealt a lot with comments issues and you can find some ideas of what may come there.

Keep watching this space to see us iron out embarrassing glitches and roll out more new features in the next week–category-driven archive searches; more external links; and other beautifulness.

I owe many drinks and many thanks to Randi Hazan, proprietress of the Gowanus-based design firm Multipod, who designed this site (and of all the Observer‘s new web designs); and to Will Rahilly, resident Web genius. They got this to look and act like the real thing. Soon enough we’ll catch up with them and it will be.

And to the small and exquisitely formed Jake Brooks, the Observer‘s Web editor, for whipping this whole project into shape.

And to you all, for reading.

– Tom McGeveran

Redesigned Site