Robin off the Runway

God bless the world, and the Washington Post, for giving Robin Givhan a blog.

  • Robin at Baby Phat: “The two little girls have been props in her advertising campaigns and serve as accessories for Kimora’s runway bows. A colleague noted wryly that the girls made particularly nice accessories and also could be converted into overnight bags.”
  • On Serena Williams at Marc Jacobs: “Allegedly her current stylist has trouble finding clothes for her because Serena’s a big girl. But we figure if she stopped trying to get clothes for free and bought them herself she could get some that fit.”
  • On Bono at La Esquilina: “We are please to report that Bono himself was on the premises. He was wearing his sunglasses at night. He was short, which does not take away from the fact that he is handsome and talented and trying to end poverty as we know it.”
  • Robin off the Runway