Stringer Replaced By Ben Stiller

Jason Haber, the Executive Director of the now-vacant West Side Assembly district office, emails the news that Scott Stringer’s old office on 72nd Street (“which looked like a scene out of a 1970s horror flick”) has been taken over temporarily the producers of a Ben Stiller comedy, “Night at the Museum,” who have rechristened it the “Big Apple Employment Agency.”

The production company is contributing $3,000 to local schools and fixing up the office.

“Its like being on extreme makeover — Assembly edition here,” writes Haber, who’s hoping to have a cameo.

The film is about a bumbling security guard at the Museum of Natural History who finds that the taxidermized animals come to life each night. Kind of like certain members of the New York State Assembly, actually. Stringer Replaced By Ben Stiller