Tasini? Not So Much.

For all the chatter about Hillary-as-lightning rod, her name doesn’t seem to work any better as a fundraising tool on the anti-war left than it does on the (mostly fabled) Clinton-hating Right.

Stop Her Now, the most professional of the anti-Hillary operations, is now in debt. And the campaign of Jonathan Tasini, the liberal Clinton Senate challenger, had a remarkably poor first two months of fundraising, considering the wide attention he got on places like DailyKos and other energy centers of the Left.

He raised $24,236 from just 22 donors, according to his report to the Federal Elections Commission. (That’s about $500 more than Stop Her Now raised, actually.) Barbara Ehrenreich maxed out. Lawrence Lessig chipped in. There was certainly no out-pouring of small-dollar Web support.

Tasini told me when he launched his campaign, “If there’s a base of [financial and volunteer] support within about 30 to 60 days, I think this campaign has legs and is going to get off the ground…. This may not touch an nerve and then we’re not going to be able to do it. We’ll see.”

Does 22 donors count as touching a nerve?

Tasini? Not So Much.