The Ralph Lauren Fitting

AIMEE: Brian and I are on our way to his first tuxedo fitting at Ralph Lauren. Sure, it should be the time for a romantic “Stars They’re Just Like Us” hand-in-hand stroll, but by Columbus Avenue it already looks like this:

Aimee Ralph Lauren photo
Aimee outside Ralph Lauren, in the shade

“What about this invitation issue?” Brian snaps. (FYI–no hand-holding.)

“Do we have to talk about this now?” I ask, walking faster.

“Why does everything have to be about what you’re comfortable with?”

Essentially, he wants to know why I would even consider not putting his parents’ names on the invitations. It’s just because I didn’t know that some invitations have a “son of” line under the groom’s name and now that I do know, I don’t want to give in because I’d kind of like my folks to get top – and only – billing. (My family is just used to seeing only the bride’s folks on wedding invitations, sorry.)

We have now entered the park, which is just populated enough to worry that the slow joggers nearby can hear us.

Pick up the pace and mind your own business, people!

“Well, everyone always tells me it’s supposed to be my day and to do what I want, but that’s only if what I want is what they want too.” And now I’m raising my voice and the woman in the leggings is looking back over her shoulder like we’re Britney and Kevin about to divorce. “I would’ve rather had an engagement year with no fighting and a teeny tiny wedding than all this fighting and a big wedding!”

We arrive at Ralph Lauren and step inside the store only to be assaulted by all its mahogany coziness. Within minutes, an immaculately attired gentleman has the suit out, ties ready to go and is ushering my fiance into a dressing room. Brian comes out, so handsome and Hollywood red-carpet ready, and just like that I’m on the verge of tears.

“I love it!” I tell him, clasping my hands together. I watch the tailor pin his jacket and make marks with his slab of chalk.

“Really? Does it really look okay?” He asks this a bunch of times. And then he asks the same question some more on our walk home. And, to my great relief, we talk about this and about what kind of studs and cufflinks he should get the whole way back. All stuff we agree on.

– Aimee Agresti The Ralph Lauren Fitting