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Rounding out last night’s double header, Jason and I dropped in on the last candidates forum on the Upper West Side.

Favorite lines:
“I’m basically a socialist. I’m as left as you get.”
Mike Lupinacci

“I manage a class full of teenagers; its not that much different [from joining the Assembly].”
Emily Csendes

Going into the Feb. 28 election, Linda Rosenthal is boasting of almost every major endorsement, including that of the UFT. Impressive, considering there are two educators in the race. But the UFT endorsed Linda without interviewing any of her challengers, her three opponents have said.


And one more education related hmmm. Linda and one other candidate, Mike Lupinacci, said at last week’s forum they favored keeping the current cap on the number of charter schools in the state [time clarified]. Mike and Joel Klein have said they need the cap raised.

Remember City Hall’s whispering campaign against that state senator they said was interfering with the City’s goals in Albany? He was in Queens. This race is in territory more familiar to Mike. The UWS is where he launched Democrats for Bloomberg.

Azi Paybarah

UWS Education