Valentine’s Va-Va-Voom

AIMEE: The morning of Valentine’s Day…

I’ve got the day off, but enough menu choices, cakes and registries to keep me running in circles. Not to mention, I’ve got nothing to wear to the bridesmaids’ tea next week. These tasks could easily take all day. But I plan to do none of them.

My new priority: Revving up some Valentine’s va-va-voom by making a special little celebration for Brian. Like most of my engaged pals, the holiday fell off the radar this year since we’re all knee-deep in planning our own love-fest extravaganzas. We all need to save money and calories because we have absurdly expensive clothes to fit into. (I actually have my first dress fitting in a week. What kind of stupid planning was that? I can’t believe I didn’t factor in a little extra time for post-Valentine’s chocolate-detox.)

But now I’m ready to go. Tonight will be a very special dinner at home. I pick up some champagne. I get some cute cupcakes at my favorite bakery. I stock up the fridge. (I even consider going to the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle — so much sexier and exotic than, say, the Food Emporium a block from my apartment – but for the slushy puddles.) And I pick up all those extra V-day must-haves at the corner CVS: the cards (three!), the chocolates and the cute little wind up hearts that jump around. I have the apartment clean, the table set and the champagne ready to pop as Brian walks in the door. “It’s Valentine’s Day!!! Hurrah! Have a Valentini!” I greet him with a glass of fruit punch and the champagne bottle…POP! “Who wants a Valentini?!” The best things in life taste like KoolAid. Surprised and pleased, Brian says: “I can’t believe you did all this.”

The Valentinis kick in quickly, wiping away the wedding woes. We sip (the whole bottle of champagne), we sup, we watch reruns of “Sex and the City” and we doze off by 9:30. Even better? We don’t talk about the wedding at all. Bliss.

– Aimee Agresti

Valentine’s Va-Va-Voom