Weld Still Too Gay for Conservatives

Mike Long has appeared lately to welcome Bill Weld’s “evolution” away from supporting same-sex marriage, but in an interview with the American Spectator, he strikes a much less compromising note.

“Weld gained no ground whatsoever — nothing changed there,” he said of the recent party gathering. “All were received cordially, but it appears to me that while (Daniels) was a great speaker, Faso and Manning have clearly garnered most of the support amongst the rank and file.”

Also: “There was great sentiment at [the conference] from our leaders throughout the state to mobilize rapidly behind our own candidate. This is important to help make the point to the Republicans that Weld is a no-go.”


Q: Some have suggested a compromise scenario, whereby the Conservatives might go along with Weld if they were given the opportunity to choose his running mate. True?

Long: False.

(via Capitol Confidential) Weld Still Too Gay for Conservatives