Who Isn’t a Lobbyist?

Over on the West Side, one of the Assembly candidates, Charles Simon, has a couple of mailings that perfectly illustrate how hard it will be for the state Democratic Party establishment to extricate itself from a lobbyist-heavy political culture. The central problem being that the establishment is composed in no small part of lobbyists.

Here’s one mailer (.pdf), highlighting Simon’s call to “ban gifts from lobbyists,” his refusal to take donations from lobbyists (it helps to have your own money), and his general disgust at their proliferation.

And here’s one with headshots (.pdf) of a couple prominent Simon supporters; one is Ethan Geto, identified as Howard Dean’s New York campaign manage. In his day job, Geto is … a lobbyist and P.R. man whose clients include major real estate developers. Who Isn’t a Lobbyist?