Williamsburg: The Next Williamsburg?

Chasing the next hot neighborhood

Marty Markowitz moved slowly through the crowds last night at the Aurora, a 53-unit condominium overlooking McCarren Park. The Brooklyn borough president, along with numerous potential buyers, was given a tour of some of the crowded sample units

Someone must have told everyone in the Turkey’s Nest there was free sushi (plus wine and beer), because the line to get in stretched around the block. Or lots of Williamsburghers were eager to sign contracts on a kitschy coffee table that spins on skateboard wheels.

Andres Escobar, who is designing the interiors, is quite familiar with upscale Williamsburg living. He previously worked on the Gretsch Building, where Busta Rhymes bought units. (And hopefully, some more celebrities will buy apartments in Williamsburg so we can stop using that example).

Anyway, at the Aurora, there are one, two, and three bedroom units available, that range from 624 to 2,021 square feet. And prices start at $490,000.

Currently, occupancy will begin in late 2006 or early 2007. And time will tell if the new residents living around McCarren Park will assimilate to local customs. That means dancing to New Order on Saturday at Royal Oak, followed by waiting in line for a boozy Enid’s brunch the following day.

Williamsburg: The Next Williamsburg?