Usually, a blowout front page is the better move. But the Cheney story has been around all week, and yesterday’s Fox interview didn’t rehydrate it much, juicewise. So the Post goes with a mix: Cheney up top, to acknowledge that the topic is still a big deal, and then a local-outrage story below, with a shameless li’l fluffy dog down in the corner for good measure. And the police-wages treatment masterfully combines a concise, all-monosyllable informative subhead–“New cops seek food stamps”–with a headline that may be even more linguistically unhinged than Tuesday’s Elmer Fudd approach, built on a pun that only works deep in the Bronx. See, it’s like “LAW & ORDER,” because “POOR” rhymes with “LAW,” see?

Winner: New York Post

Overall standings: Daily News 22, New York Post 23 WOOD WAR XLV