Yassky’s Big Quarter

National Journal notes that David Yassky had the best fourth-quarter fundraising of any Democrat running for Congress, and it looks like only one of his rivals in Brooklyn’s 11th District, Carl Andrews, has broken six digits.

Here’s cash on hand:

Yassky: $503,783
Andrews: $191,427 (with $50,000 of debt)
Nick Perry: $84,652
Yvette Clark: $71,853 (with $64,000 of debt)
Chris Owens: $59,595 (with $28,325 of debt)

Nick Perry (real first name: Noah!) and Tracy Boyland don’t seem to have fourth-quarter filings; they’re both below $20,000 as of last September.

And why should Yassky — who’s hardly trying to narrow the field of African-American candidates — be so set on huge, early fundraising? Despite denials from his staff, rumors that Bill de Blasio might get into the race are still circulating.

UPDATE: I inadvertently ommitted Chris Ownes from the list. He filed with $12,956 on hand and $28,325 in debt.

UPDATE 2: Nick Perry’s filing is now online, and above. Yassky’s Big Quarter