Yves Saint Among Savages

I’ll Take Manhattan: Peter Minuit at the original sample sale

This week, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, accomplishes an amazing density of coded language in a short piece about fashionistas-turned-gentrifiers in the Deadwoods of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, and most terrifyingly, Queens.

Since the piece is so short—and its loaded term-to-sentence ratio so high—The Media Mob is reproducing the whole thing:

Girls in the Hood: A Five-Borough Guide to Gentrification
Why live in a shoe box on West 10th Street when you can get enough closet space to stow a few seasons’ worth of Lanvin heels on 141st Street in the Bronx? No longer able to afford both style and shelter, rent refugees are colonizing the fringes of Manhattan and the outer boroughs, venturing way beyond the first few L stops in Williamsburg — and bringing their best accessories with them. Herewith, some of the telltale signs of gentrification in seven transitional neighborhoods — as told by some of the fashion pioneers. MAURA EGAN and CHRISTINE MUHLKE

Do those accessories include muskets? ‘Cause it gets rough out there. Yves Saint Among Savages