Accuracy and Memory, D’Amato Edition

Bill Weld may not have made much of an impression on Al D’Amato –“he had not even met Mr. Weld until recently,” the ex-Senator told the Times — but the Weld campaign emailed over a pretty convincing set of clips that detail at least two meetings, despite D’Amato’s denials. Weld apparently recalls three more, including the one he described yesterday.

Boston Globe, 1/25/96: “Sen. Alfonse D’Amato of New York introduced Weld…”

Boston Herald, 6/18/96: “Gov. William F. Weld, who has offered to be a “character witness” for first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, last night wined and dined the GOP’s Whitewater attack dog at a $ 1,000-a-head fund-raiser…”

(The canine in question being D’Amato.)

Weld’s spokeswoman, Andrea Tantaros, said the candidate recalls two other meetings, also in 1996.

They were together at a Suffolk County rally for Dole, she says, and at that year’s GOP convention, “They both walked into a room together where Dole was and a bunch of other people and someone said, ’Wow, look at this odd couple.’”

Accuracy and Memory, D’Amato Edition