Accuracy and Memory

David Paterson was just on Fred Dicker’s show, pushing back against a couple of things written about him on The Politicker and in the Observer.

His basic case, which I more or less plead guilty to, is that reporters are over-obsessed with facts.

“There’s a difference between accuracy and memory,” he said, saying out that he spent a lot of time in Harlem growing up and has a reasonable claim to having grown up there, as his official biography stated for a while. He said the report was “unfair to my parents” who had sent him to school on Long Island because that’s where the public schools would accomodate his disability.

In any case, in the fact-obsessed vein, I apparently have to correct a line from the item about Paterson’s plan to cut child support, reported yeterday.

His aide told me Paterson withdrew the bill; Paterson repeated that on air today — “We immediately pulled the bill” — then revised. “We just didn’t reintroduce it,” he said.

He said the bill, as written by an unnamed staffer, was “slanted too much in favor of allowing too many fathers to get out of their responsibilities” and “went way, way, way beyond what I wanted to do.”

Also, a little parting shot:

“I tripped a kid in the playground when I was 12 and the Observer and Ben Smith are going to do a story on it next week,” he added.

Is that FOILable?

Accuracy and Memory