At Shake Shack ’06, New Dog is New Trick

We missed you too, too!

It’s a cold 43 degrees for the first day of spring, and more importantly, for the unofficial return of the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.

The countdown clock on reads a little over 20 hours till they’ll fully open for business, and while today is supposed to be only a training day for the hard-working (and ever-cheerful) staff, a small crew writing into the Foodie web log Eater has figured out that the Shack is back, and now a short line of people have arrived to stand and shiver for the sake of salty Shack Burgers and fries.

The New Top Dog.

We, too, had to jet down to get a look. New to the menu, along with some new wines, is the Second City Bird-Wurst, which is a “smoked chicken and apple wurst in Chicago clothing, dragged through the garden with lettuce, tomato, sport peppers, green peppers, pickles, onion, neon relish, cucmber, celery salt and mustard,” priced at $4.85.

The end result is a satisfying smoked-meaty concoction with fresh green-tasting toppings, which falls somewhere between hot dog and sandwich.

The crew is still clearly working out a few kinks but no one waiting seemed to mind the delay in getting some food. A man in his early thirties blew on his hands, and stuffed ketchup in his pockets while he waited. “Today’s a good day,” he said.

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The line, at around 1 p.m.

The 2006 menu.

The Second City Bird-Wurst, close-up.

Text and photos by Sara Vilkomerson

At Shake Shack ’06, New Dog is New Trick