Big Heart

You kind of have to like the Daily News’s “Big Town, Big Heart” “Big Heart, Big City” feature, if only as a form of moral rehab for reporters.

And it’s edited by my old friend (so to speak) Dawn Eden, the only person ever fired from the New York Post for being too right-wing. (Here’s n Observerish take on the disputed story, which involved her tweaking a news story into anti-abortionlanguage.)

This column, which ran last week, however, is an amazing attempt to slip one under New York’s typically sensitive political radar. It’s a glowing profile of a crisis pregnancy center, Bridge to Life, and its devoted founder.

No particular facts are in dispute, but somehow the part about how such centers are controversial foot-soldiers in the life-choice wars — they’re often accused of using any means necessary to prevent women from having abortions, just as they accuse Planned Parenthood of pushing abortion — never makes it out from under the warm, fuzzy feelings.

However, a reader, Sunny Chapman (also an abortion-rghts advocate) did call up Bridge to Life, and told them she thought she was pregnant and was considering an abortion.

She emails:

Here are some of the things I was told:

Abortion clinics do not inform patients of medical risks
Suction machines can damage the cervix, scar the uterine lining and puncture the womb.
Women who’ve had abortions have a higher rate of miscarriage and premature birth.
Women who’ve had abortions have a higher risk of not ever being able to have children.
27 studies have shown a link between abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer.
The high rate of breast cancer in Nassau & Suffolk counties is not linked to toxins, but to a high rate of abortion
Women who’ve had abortions are five times more likely to commit suicide.

Hmm. Big Heart