Blaming the Ambien

Another turn in what would be an internal gay-community flap over how to deal with Hillary Clinton would probably not be terribly interesting, if not for the recantation that an Upstate Democrat, Matthew John, offers in this widely-circulated email:

You may have read in the paper recently about individuals prescribed Ambien getting into car accidents and having no knowledge of their actions. Well in my case I was driving my computer while taking Ambien. I wrote a rambling email regarding [the Empire State Pride Agenda], that had I been fully aware of my actions, I would have worded very differently.

I had been troubled by the position that the director of EPSA had taken in regards to not financially supporting Senator Clinton and in turn, interpreted this as not supporting Senator Clinton — an easy connection to make when your brain has been re-wired.

I appreciate Jim Rolls — reasoned reply to my rant and thank him for taking the time to educate me on all the good things that ESPA has done and I suspect will continue to do in the future.

Please accept my apologies for the way in which I addressed this issue. The issue of whom to support and who is worthy of our support seems to be garnering much interest in the GLBT community.

I can think of a politician or two who might find that line handy.

Blaming the Ambien