Boycott Boycott?

Some New York gay politicos are standing up for Hillary despite her opposition to same-sex marriage, which led the head of the state’s main gay-rights group to suggest gay donors stop giving her money.

Matthew John, an Upstate Democratic Committee member, is calling on gays to “refuse to lend our names to support or buy tickets to [Empire State Pride Agenda’s] Gay Brunch In April in Buffalo to support ESPA’s partisan fundraisers…. Isn’t it the job of disgruntled republican henchmen to sling this kid of mud?

Actually, I’m having trouble recalling a Republican henchman smearing someone for opposing gay marriage. But maybe I don’t pay enough attention.

In any case, Jay Leno had another take:

“More problems for Hillary Clinton. The head of New York state’s leading gay rights group describes Hillary Clinton as a disappointment on same-sex marriage. Today, her husband Bill described her as a disappointment on opposite-sex marriage.”

Boycott Boycott?