Bridal Boot Camp

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KARA: I come from a family of short, small people. I love to eat and I’ve always been able to indulge guilt-free with nothing to show for it afterwards. Unfortunately, times are changing.

My weekend’s indiscretions began with scrumptious enchiladas drizzled with sour cream at El Centro on Saturday afternoon, then tasty lo mein plus dumplings at a Ninth Avenue noodle shop on Saturday night, concluding with huevos rancheros at Schiller’s Liquor Bar on Sunday morning.

I’m happily taking my last bite of huevos rancheros when my button pops and my stomach bursts out. What?! I feel an immediate surge of anger and resentment.

“That’s it!” I announce with outrage. “I’m joining a gym!”

Brian and Sara taunt me with jibes:

“Your version of exercise is driving around the block.”

“Exercise involves movement, you know.”

They have reason to mock me. I haven’t broken a sweat since my elementary school’s mandatory presidential physical fitness test in fifth grade. I tried to join a gym after college, but stormed out after my personal trainer asked if I’d ever been pregnant and I opted for therapy instead. But now I have a goal and I defy anyone to get in my way. In five and a half months, I will be walking…not waddling…down the aisle.

So I’m proud to announce that I, Kara Baskin, have signed up for Bridal Boot Camp!

To be continued…

Bridal Boot Camp