“Bush Who?”

George W. Bush will be up in Rochester Tuesday, part of that prescription drug tour that hasn’t exactly succeeded in changing the subject from Iraq, Dubai, or anything else.

But New York State’s Republican candates, of course, are flocking to be seen with their President, right? Not so much.

“Bush who?” joked one Republican campaign aide.

A number of other campaigns also wouldn’t go on the record with their Tuesday plans or didn’t get back to me, but here are those that did:

“Jeanine will be spending time with her kids during their spring break,” says Pirro spokeswoman Anne Marie Corbalis.

“We haven’t been asked and we will not be in Rochester on Tuesday,” says Weld spokeswoman Andrea Tantaros.

“KT has meetings in a different part of the state on Tuesday, but would be very pleased to campaign with the President down the road,” says McFarland spokesman Bill O’Reilly.

“Bush Who?”