City Limits

Public housing residents are either unhappy or uninformed. The New York City Housing Authority is raising its fees, but many aren’t even aware.

The NYCHA posted the four-page announcement in each lobby, but residents claim the papers were either torn down or unnoticeable. The information was also published in the NYCHA monthly newspaper, which is published in English and Spanish, but Erik Crawford, a resident representative and vice-chair for the Bronx South Council of Presidents, said the authority never notified the Resident Advisory Board.

In other short-term housing news, officials in 24 of New York’s 63 counties don’t know that people on probation and those who have completed parole are allowed to vote. The study, from NYU and Demos, recommends that the state implement a Rights Notification and Registration Act.

And, for those without a home, their library service and Internet connection remain safe. The New York Public Library wrote a letter to the editor of City Limits that totally messes with the plot of Maniac Magee. Jeffrey Lionel Magee could have just gotten a guest pass!

– Riva Froymovich

City Limits