Clooney to Close City Bakery?

Inside City Bakery.

Hot chocolate lovers will have to satiate their cravings elsewhere on Monday, April 3rd.

The City Bakery on West 18th Street, notorious for its sludgy drinks and rich sweets, will be shutting its doors to the caffeine-addled public. A big-time movie will be filming on the premises.

A company representative confirms that Castle Rock Entertainment has rented the space for the day, but declined to offer up the film title. Instead, the City Bakery employee simply whetted our appetite even more.

“I’m not sure the production company would appreciate that, but it’s a romantic movie…Hollywood actors,” she assured.

According to IMDB, Castle Rock now has ten films in production. Cross referenced with The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting list of current New York City shoots, two possibilities are Music and Lyrics By (starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant) and Michael Clayton (with star and producer George Clooney).

The latter, which features Sydney Pollack, Tilda Swinton and Tom Wilkinson, is about a New York lawyer with a vengeful client.

We’re banking on George enjoying a sweet cup o’ fudge on Monday. Does anyone know for sure?

– Riva Froymovich

Clooney to Close City Bakery?