De Blasio of Staten?

The notion of liberal Brooklyn Councilman Bill de Blasio running for Congress on against Staten Island’s Vito Fossella is either one of those so-crazy-it-just-might-work things or just…crazy. It would be Staten Island nativism versus the national anti-Bush mood. And the former is pretty strong.

In any case, Staten Island Republicans are, for the moment, mostly amused, it seems. The story going the rounds, confirmed for me by a Republican who was present for part of it, concerns de Blasio’s visit to Vito a few months ago. Bill was still aiming to become Council Speaker and was hoping to win the Council’s GOP minority onto his side.

Apparently, de Blasio had just dropped out of the Speaker’s race, and Fossella’s staff assumed he would cancel. But he trekked out to Staten Island anyway, and had a pleasant discussion with the congressman.

On the way out, a person who was there says, Bill asked Vito to recommend a good local Italian place.

“Maybe he liked it so much, he decided he wants to stay,” quipped Fossella spokesman Craig Donner.

De Blasio of Staten?