Eliot’s Ideas: No Commuter Tax

For a candidate in early March, Eliot Spitzer was surprisingly willing to respond to specific policy questions at a forum hosted by the Metropolitan Coordinating Council on Jewish Poverty last night.

First, on the commuter tax: “It’s not coming back. It’s just simply not on the agenda.”

(If he’s said this before, I missed it. But the stance didn’t seem to be aimed as a snub at Mike, who wants the tax; in fact, he offered praise to Bloomberg, unprompted, a couple of other times, unbothered by the Mayor’s apparent, tacit support for Suozzi.)

On housing, he said he’s looking for capital in the state budget, and suggested the best way to use it would be to subsidize the acquisition of property for housing; he suggested canvassing state- and municipal-owned property as well to find sites that could be bulit on.

On the tea-leaf-reading front, the event’s host, Metcouncil chief Willy Rapfogel, called Spitzer “courageous” for backing education tax credits; this is interesting because Rapfogel is close to Shelly Silver, whose vote on this is crucial. After the meeting, Willy said he spoke only for himself.

The Sun (subscription required) has a bit more from the forum.

Eliot’s Ideas: No Commuter Tax