Erratic in Albany

The Times Union reports that “State Police are looking into an allegation that State Sen. Ada Smith, D-Queens, assaulted a staffer Tuesday morning in the Legislative Office Building.

“Law enforcement sources said the female staffer alleged Smith, an 18-year incumbent with a history of erratic behavior, threw coffee on her and pulled her hair.”

The story runs down a history which includes — who could forget? — alleged biting.

And yes, she’s still a member of the Senate minority leadership: “In 2004, Senator Smith was appointed to the prestigious position of Assistant Minority Leader for Policy and Administration, a position which is integral to the overall operation of the Senate Minority… Senator Smith is responsible for ensuring that there is a merging of both policy and administration while increasing programmatic quality and promoting a sound, viable and relevant public policy.”

CORRECTION: Smith is no longer a member of the minority leadership. She lost her post last year, after having been confusingly demoted the previous year. My source, her Web site, was out of date.

UPDATE: Still confused? OK: The deal is that Smith was faux-demoted in 2004, keeping her perks and simply shifted between leadership jobs. She was really tossed out of leadership in 2005, and has no leadership lulu. Erratic in Albany