Exclusive: Spencer Says KT’s a Hillary Pawn

In an interview today, Republican Senate candidate John Spencer told The Politicker he thinks Hillary Clinton put KT McFarland up to challenging him for his party’s nomination.

“The Clintons are pretty slick. They’ll never have any fingerprints on it, but it sure looks that way,” he said. “The only beneficiary of this is Mrs. Clinton.”

He said he didn’t have any clear evidence of the plot, but that he found McFarland’s sudden entrance amid a burst of media coverage “mystifying.”

As for McFarland herself, “I don’t think she has any credentials, quite frankly.”

“She gets all this press coverage, which I find mystifying,” he said, pointing to her Hardball appearance yesterday and Good Morning America today, not to mention an A1 slot in the Times.

And to be fair, it is a little mystifying. Spencer thinks it’s because “if you’re not a millionaire or a self-proclaimed celebrity, you don’t get any attention.” It may also have something to do with the fact that KT has an oldtime GOP power broker, Ed Rollins, working the phones for her. Exclusive: Spencer Says KT’s a Hillary Pawn