From Teresa to Eliot

Spitzer campaign manager Ryan Toohey confirms that Christine Anderson is joining the campaign as communications director.

Anderson had her hands full as Teresa Heinz Kerry’s spokeswoman on that campaign and then, for a time, as the spokeswoman for the Democrats’ legal operation in the tense run-up to the election. She also did time at NYC2012.

I met Anderson at a Starbucks in Fort Lauderdale, where she came to yell at me after she learned I was staking out the strip mall containing the Democrats office from another (slightly nicer) strip mall down the road. She wound up, grudgingly, giving me a tour, which wound up in this story.

All their hard-work, skill — a number of partners at top New York firms, among many others, flew south to watch the polls — and secrecy, of course, were in vain, as Bush wiped Kerry out in Florida. But at the time it felt vital.

Other trivia: Anderson is married to Bill Clinton’s last White House press secretary, Jake Siewert.

From Teresa to Eliot