From the Cockpit: The Editor

A dispatch from our irregular men’s blog, The Cockpit.

Heh. Ass.

The Editor
Dude, you know how when we walk over to City Bakery to look at the lonely divorced yoga chicks, we always pass that fucking clothing store at the corner of Fifth and 18th? So uh, what’s up with that stuff in their windows—some clothing line called “The Editor”? And uh, “One perfect fit. Five perfect ways to make your ass look hot”? Wow, hey, they have five now?

First of all, we’ve all met editors. You think Salon’s Joan Walsh is wearing crap like that right now? Hell no. She’s rummaging around in Filene’s Basement, making her dollar count.

So what the hell editor are they selling to—the editor of Whore Monthly? Or maybe Cargo‘s Ariel Foxman?

Dude. Seriously. WTF.

—Choire “I’d Edit The Shit Out Of That” Sicha From the Cockpit: The Editor