Gavin Campbell Malone

Dec. 28, 2005

7:43 p.m.

7 pounds, 8 ounces

St. Vincent’s Hospital

Barely two months out, and already this wee Irishman is a happy-hour regular! “We just set him up on the bar,” said dad Michael Malone, 36, deputy editor at magazine. When not tippling his favorite drink (milk), the chubby-cheeked tyke coos over patty-cake with his mom, Susan DerKazarian, also 36, senior editor at children’s publisher Mondo Books—a job that obviously helped prepare her for first-time motherhood. “Always, if she’s in a room with a kid for 20 minutes, by the end of the night the kid will be sitting on her lap,” said Mr. Malone, Ms. DerKarzarian’s husband of almost two years. Little Gavin is only an occasional crier, but a noisy sleeper, occasionally necessitating a pacifier, as he shares a room with his parents in their Gramercy one-bedroom apartment. “There are times we think he’s going to get up,” Mr. Malone said, “but he’s just singing to himself, or doing whatever it is that babies do.”

Gavin Campbell Malone