Ground Zero Talks Break Down

Parties emerged from talks past midnight on the Governor’s March 14th deadline to declare they had come to an impasse. There’s no date to reconvene the talks over plans to restructure developer Larry Silverstein’s lease on the World Trade Center site.

Here’s Charles Gargano, talking to Charlie Bagli at the Times:

“We are terribly disappointed,” Mr. Gargano said “We thought we were negotiating in good faith. [Silverstein] clearly demonstrated that greed is his main motivation. Unless we get this right, we will walk away rather than make a bad deal for the Port Authority, the city and the nation.”

We went to bed last night pretty sure nothing of substance would come of the talks, and so today Matthew Schuerman offers a take on the talks: that the only person who’s really sweating is Governor Pataki, who has little to show at Ground Zero as he heads into the twilight of his governorship; not good news for a Presidential hopeful.

Coverage all over the place, but especially here.

– Tom McGeveran

Ground Zero Talks Break Down