H & M Seeks Roommate!

Loud, cheap Swede seeks roomie.

The new H & M has arrived in the Flatiron! Or, no it hasn’t. The right is just a photo illustration of the bombed-out looking former Daffy’s at Fifth Avenue and 18th Street, where the Scandinavian disposable-clothing retailer has already leased the space.

So why does it show up in a listing on retail broker Robert Futterman’s web site?

H & M may have taken up the fancy glass real estate on Fifth Avenue’s window-shopping row, but if you want to tag along, they’re actually not using most of it! From floorplans, it looks like H & M wants to subdivide with another tenant.

You’d get about half the space on the ground floor–but your entrance would be around the block, on the side street. (In the picture above, you can almost make it out–it’s where that cut off yellow demarcation is penciled in on the right.)

And then you’d get almost 10,000 square feet of basement, beneath the thumping bass of H & M shopping-hypnosis-“music.” (I know, it’s difficult to follow–check out the floorplan here.)

– Tom McGeveran

H & M Seeks Roommate!