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It was, come to think of it, either courageous or foolhardy for Hillary to march in today’s parade, which treated her so harshly during the 2000 campaign.

That’s because the Irish-American men who make up the parade’s core audience are part of the single demographic group most hostlile to Hillary: white catholics. (Parade chairman John Dunleavy, being an elderly white Catholic man, gets an extra edge.)

I couldn’t find a survey with that group broken out but, for example, in this Siena Poll (.xls):

She is viewed less favorably by whites (50%) than Blacks (86%) or Hispanics (67%)
She is viewed less favorably bymen (47%) is lower than among women (62%).
She is viewed less favorably by Catholics () is lower than among NN

Sadly, there’s no cross-tab for intoxication.

hillary polls