‘Huffington Post’ Reels in Ex-Fishbowler Sklar

Former FishbowlNY editor and Tomato aficionado Rachel Sklar has accepted a position in The Huffington Post‘s New York office. Working from the company’s base in Silicon Alley 2.0 (aka, Soho), she’ll be lending a hand as an editor and developing several projects for the site.

Fans of Sklar’s unique writing style (featuring show tunes and coinages like “blog synchronicity”) have nothing to fear: besides editing, she’ll also be joining Larry David, Rep. John Murtha, Katrina vanden Heuvel, and contributors to Arianna’s virtual cocktail party. In an email to Media Mob, Sklar reports, “I will also be blogging, which I’m extremely excited about.”

Matt Haber ‘Huffington Post’ Reels in Ex-Fishbowler Sklar