Ikea Disputes Report

In the comments section of Curbed is a letter from Joseph Roth, of Ikea, disputing the Brooklyn Paper‘s assertion that the store’s products’ names will be embedded throughout the esplanade. Instead, according to Mr. Roth’s letter, it will only be in the small area of the ferry plaza, and will not be there to provide people directions to the store.

We’ve left a message for Mr. Roth to confirm that the letter is his. He hasn’t returned our call yet, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Update: Mr. Roth confirmed that the letter is legit.

The complete letter after the jump.

March 7, 2006

Letters to the Editor
The Brooklyn Papers

To the Editor:

Your recent article regarding IKEA’s waterfront design plans (“Hook IKEA will make locals see blue,” March 3, 2006) misleadingly attached unrelated quotes and facts, thereby creating a serious misimpression about our design.

While the design submitted to the City did, in fact, contain a small number of IKEA products’ unique Swedish names embedded in the ground as a graphic design element, your reporter never asked me specifically about this in our interview. If she had, she would have discovered that this design element was proposed only for a small area in the ferry plaza, not throughout the public esplanade as implied.

In addition, my quote regarding “finding the path to the store entrance” was, in fact, referring to our discussion of directional signage on and around our property, not these design elements. Unfortunately, since she never even referenced these embedded designs in our conversation, my quote was misplaced and the idea that somehow they were to serve as directional signs was a complete fabrication of the Brooklyn Papers.

We look forward to building a wonderfully landscaped, well-designed waterfront amenity for the Red Hook community – including preserved gantry cranes and markers denoting the site’s maritime history – and hope that you will clarify this issue for your readers. Thank you.

Joseph Roth

-Matthew Grace

Ikea Disputes Report