In Today’s Observer

Jason Horowitz looks at the power-elite support for Charles Simon’s (so-far) failed bid for the State Assembly.

Matt Schuerman has a thoughtful look at whether MIke has become a “housing activist,” and notes that a task force considering reform of the 421a program — which critics say is a subsidy for already-profitable luxury housing — is a fraught issue for housing developers.

Joe Conason rises to the defense of the opposition to the Dubai ports deal led by poor, embattled Chuck Schumer. Well, embattled by the counter-intuitive editorial-page types anyway. [UPDATE: This is slighly edited to make the point that Conason isn’t defending Chuck personally, but rebutting the line that criticism of the deal is “xenophobic.”]

And Nicholas Von Hoffman tries to take an honest look at Coretta Scott King in a discussion of how dishonestly America treats its icons. In Today’s Observer