In Today’s Observer

I examine the cottage industry devoted to publishing books about Hillary Clinton.

Jason Horowitz has a depressing piece on the newly respectable industry of public relations, respectable in part because nobody trusts journalists any more or sees anything wrong with taking a position for because you’re paid to.

Joe Conason notes the impulse on the right to, when all else fails, blame the Clintons.

Ron Rosenbaum continues his lonely crusade against the Freedom Tower, and deplores “how the giddy politicos and developers and their pampered “genius” architects have thought only of themselves in pushing forward this foolish project—and exhibited utter contempt for the imperiled working people who will be compelled to put their lives on the line for the greater glory of … George Pataki?

Anna Schneider-Mayerson reports that NYU Law Schools is raiding Columbia.

And Richard Brookhiser lauds the Anglosphere.

In Today’s Observer